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  • Model: L20B#1080 20 mm Nylon cord dog leash


Canine Cord Nylon Dog Leash For Any Weather Conditions

Your dog is overactive and you are afraid that his leash will not stand up his energy? Consider this new model of Cord Nylon Dog Lead with chess design. Having purchased this durable supply, you will not need to buy another one for a long period. Besides, it is used for a lot of activities, such as daily dog walking, obedience training, handling, tracking and even patrolling.

As you see, the design of this reliable item is incredible. It looks like a chessboard with a perfect combination of black and bright colors. (See below what colors of the leash are available). Your dog is a unique for you and deserves to wear the best supplies!

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Police Dog Cord Nylon Leash for Easy Tracking and Handling

Red Nylon K9 Cord Leash Multifunctional

Police Dog Cord Nylon Leash with Comfortable Handle

Durable Blue Nylon K9 Cord Leash

Key features of this K9 Leash:

  • 4/5 inch (20 mm) nylon material
  • rust-proof brass snap hook
  • water resistant
  • time-proof
  • cord chess design

Intended use of this K9 Leash:

  • regular walking
  • training
  • patrolling
  • tracking
  • handling

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm) long

Available colors:

  • blue/black mix
  • red/black mix

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Many dog owners and professional trainers prefer to use this cord type lead for tracking, training, patrolling, handling and walking sessions. Nylon is used for the creation of this supply due to its durability, reliability, long-lasting service and water resistance. Your pet's hard pulling is not a problem anymore because the leash will not probably stretch. It will not be spoiled while contact with water and can be used for rainy and snowy weather. Also, the gear retains its shape and color well. Even if it will be used every day, the lead will look like new for many years.

It is impossible not to notice the hardware of the leash. Bright gold-like color of brass snap hook will attract attention of people and other animals around. The snap hook is easily attached to any collar/harness. It will not probably be damaged or rust through many years.

The leash is designed in chessboard ornament. Choose bright red or blue in a combination with black color and enjoy your new stylish gear for decades.

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