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  • Model: HS25#1080 50045 (55) (3.99) Pinch Collar



Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar 4mm for K9 Dog

size: 4mm,10 links,25 inch (65 cm)

additional link 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm)

STAINLESS STEEL Dog pinch collar for K9 Dog training!!!!

Here is your chance to invest only once in the pinch collar.
You are reading this page because of few reasons.
You already purchased cheaper quality collar in the past, it rusted or broke and you need new one.
You never purchased pinch collar in the past and you consider to acquire one.(i guess you want the best)
You already know about high quality of Herm Sprenger products, but last time you tried to save and purchased not stainless steel collar.
You need another great quality collar for your dog. whatever the reason is (and we learn in different ways) you can take finally right decision now.

Stainless steel collar is the only collar you will ever need.

General Pinch Collar Related Information :

Used correctly, Herm Sprenger Prong Collars compel even the most headstrong dog to obey. Prongs tighten under pressure and release instantly for getting attention and obedience.

This mega strong, stainless steel Herm Sprenger prong collar is considered to be the best dog training prong collar in the world today.
None company in the world today, make prong collars, which come even close to the quality and performance of the Glorious Herm Sprenger line of collars.

The links have slightly rounded ends to minimize the chance of injury.
Adjust collars length easily by removing or adding links - no tools or skills required.
Proper use requires a snug fit.

Design of this pinch collar allows to spread pressure in even way around your dog's neck.
Please note that Herm Sprenger manufacturers standard line for everyone in the world.
Don't be fooled by some retailers who claim that Herm Sprenger products they offer were specifically manufactured for them.
This is cheap dirty trick to justify higher price, don't fall into this trap.

STAINLESS STEEL collar unlike steel chrome plated collar for example - guaranteed against rust.

All Herm Sprenger products are made of such high quality and strength they are guaranteed for long years of service!

allow me to say it once again - stainless steel collars are going to last many years longer in comparison to chrome plated collars. Stainless steel prong collars will never rust. If you want the best pinch/prong collar for your dog, you can purchase Herm Sprenger stainless steel collar with confidence. Treat your equipment properly and you will enjoy it for decades.

Training you K9 Dog with Stainless Steel Prong Collar !!!!

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